Season 2018 / 2019





 Hon. President. Mr. D. J. Hart esq.



Carol King 


Margaret Eady


John O'Malley


Peter Drewett

email: harrowdartsleague@live.co.uk


League Rules

As agreed at AGM on 27th September 2018

1. Definition

1.1. The league will be known as "Harrow & District Charity Dart League"  (hereafter: The League)

2. Organisation

2.1. A committee shall govern The League, comprising of a Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary & Competitions Secretary.

2.2. Voting procedures at the AGM / League meetings will be on a basis of one vote per club.

2.3. All clubs shall have the right to appeal against any decision of the committee, but all clubs shall abide by decisions taken at the Annual General Meeting.

2.4. The committee may vet any team registration, player or venue.

2.5. Each team is to pay £80.00 per season (this sum includes the Christmas draw). £40.00 to be paid at the AGM to ensure re-election, with the remaining £40.00 to be paid no later than the January secretaries meeting. This covers the team / individuals participation in the league programme for that season. It does not cover the entrance fee into any Open competitions that may be run by The League

2.6. The League shall organise a Christmas draw with 3 prizes. £100, £50 & £25.

2.7. Clubs failing to send a representative to attend secretaries meetings will be fined £8.00 per meeting.

2.8. The net proceeds of The League (after payment of all such expenses and the provision of such reserves of the contingencies, as may be authorised by the committee), shall be distributed between such charitable organisations which may be decided by a majority of members present, and voting in accordance with The League procedures.

3. Match Set Up

3.1. Thursday night will be the playing night for all league fixtures.

3.2. All games to be played on a dartboard that is in good match condition with adequate lighting.

3.3. Board to be 5'8" (1.72m) from the centre of the bull to the floor and a throwing distance to be a minimum of 7' 9 1/4" (2.37m) to a point on the floor by dropping a plumb line from the centre of the board.

3.4. Home team secretaries will be responsible for supplying a result card.

3.5. The home team secretary is responsible for informing the match secretary of the result within 36 hours and sending the completed card to the match secretary within 4 days of the match. Failure to comply with either of the above will incur a fine of £2.00 for each failure. It is encouraged (but not compulsory) that the away team also informs the match secretary of the result. 

4. Match Rules

4.1. The home team must provide a chalker. The away team can provide a checker if they want. The checker or chalker will act as referee and will be the only person allowed to call out scores. A player may ask what is scored or what is required. The referee can give the number but cannot advise the player how to finish.

4.2. Team captains are to ensure that the following times are strictly adhered to. In all divisions - open board at 8.30pm, and match to start at 8.45pm sharp. (Feel free to start earlier if both teams are ready). If a team has less than the minimum number of players present at the required starting time, (see rule 4.5), the captain of the opposing team may claim the match by sending the result card to the match secretary as normal. If justified they will be awarded the match 10-0. The offending team will also be fined £10.00. In the event of no team turning up at all the fine will be £15.00. In both cases The League will compensate the inconvenienced team by the same amount.

4.3. Matches in All Divisions will consist of 16 legs played in the following order. Four pairs (601), Eight singles (501) & a further four pairs (601). Substitutions can be made after the first set of pairs and again after the singles.

4.4. All matches must be played on the date stated on the fixture list issued at the beginning of each season. In extreme cases a team can ask for a postponement of a fixture but they must get in touch with the match secretary at least 24 hours before the match. The League committee will only consider postponing a fixture in the unfortunate case of a passing or a funeral. In the case of extreme weather conditions (snow etc.) the committee will rearrange the fixture or fixtures for a later date. The League committee reserve the right to change or alter a fixture or group of fixtures at their discretion. In such cases team secretaries will be informed as early as possible by a member of the committee.

4.5. A Team will be allowed to start with a minimum of six players present and can add up to six more players after the commencement of the match (no team to exceed 12 eligible players). At the start of a match if a team has six players they will forfeit 4 legs (1 pair, 2 singles & 1 pair). If a team has seven players they will forfeit 3 legs (1 pair, 1 single & 1 pair).

5. Membership

5.1. All team registration forms with signatures to be returned to the match secretary by the third match of the season.

5.2. Additional team member registrations with signatures must be with the match secretary 24 hours before any player is allowed to play. It is the responsibility of each club to ensure it's members are correctly registered and that late registrations are confirmed with the match secretary before playing.

5.3. Players must sign their own name and play under their name only.

5.4. Teams may register any number of players.

5.5. No new registrations after 1st January. Teams playing unregistered players in any league competition will be subject to a fine of up to £10.00 and if applicable will forfeit the match 10-4. Should this rule be broken more than once the committee will decide if further action is to be taken.

5.6. A Player, once registered will not be permitted to play in the league for any other club during that season. Under special circumstances an appeal can be made to the committee.

5.7. In the event of a team resigning during the first half of the season their results will be erased from the league tables. If however after halfway, results will stand and teams will be awarded 10-4 wins untill the end of the season. Players from resigned teams will not be eligible for any knock out competitions.

5.8. If two teams are entered from the same pub or club and are in the same division, they should meet in the first fixture or as early as possible in the season.

6. Competitions

6.1. The order of play will be decided by a single toss of a coin, The winner throwing first in all the odd legs and the loser in all even legs.

6.2. Losers MUST chalk or provide a substitute chalker for the next match on that board. Players who fail to chalk (or provide another chalker) will be excluded from all competitions other than the King of Norway and Bunyan cups for the remainder of the season.

6.3. The format for The League individual competitions will be as follows.

(a) PREMIER DIVISION; Singles - 501 best of 5, Pairs - 601 best of 5.

(b) A & B DIVISIONS; Singles - 501 best of 3 (Final best of 5), Pairs - 601 best of 3 (Final best of 5).

6.4. The format of other League competitions will be as follows. Captains Cup - 501 best of 3 (Final best of 5), Secretary's Cup - 501 best of 3 (Final best of 5), Ladies Cup - 501 best of 3, Triples - 601 best of 3 (Final best of 5).

6.5. The format for all team K.O. competitions will be as follows,

(a) King of Norway Cup and Bunyan Cup matches will be played at the venue of the first team drawn. The tie will follow the 16 leg league match rules. (4 pairs, 8 singles & 4 pairs)

(b) If a deciding leg is required eight players from each team will play one leg of 1001.

(c) If a venue has two or more teams drawn at home but there are insufficient boards to play on, The fixture for the second or later teams will be reversed

(d) Semi-Finals & Finals will be played at a neutral venue with one toss of a coin to decide who will throw first and in all odd legs.

6.6. No cup matches will be allowed to be postponed. If a team, for any reason, cannot fulfil a fixture they will forfeit the tie


7. Miscellaneous

7.1. All trophies shall remain the property of The League. All trophies must be returned to The League  secretary, before the following presentation event. Winning teams will be held responsible for safe keeping of the trophies for one year and for their return in good clean order.

7.2. At the end of the season the general rule is that the bottom two teams in the premier division & division A will be relegated, and the top two teams in divisions A & B will be promoted. If this is not possible due to insufficient number of teams in each division relegated & promoted teams will have the option of remaining in their previous division. Should this fail to resolve the balance of teams in each division the committee will decide on what action to take.

7.3. If a new team appears too strong for a lower division, the committee will have the power to put such team in a higher division where there are vacancies.

7.4. Infringement of the above rules or unseemly conduct likely to bring The League into disrepute should be referred to the appropriate captain immediately. If not rectified the matter should be reported to The League secretary within four days and confirmed by letter. The committee will investigate and where necessary take action.




(c)2017 Harrow & District Charity Darts League  



2019 - 2020  AGM



1st August  2019  8.30pm

Presentation Night


Tithe Farm Social Club


League Committee 

Carol King     07977 748 879   (Secretary)

Margaret Eady   0208 864 3943   (Treasurer) 

John O'Malley   07956 970 060   (Fixtures) 

Peter Drewett   07833 752 154   (Competitions)